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Music And Art For Youth @The WAV

The WAV is exclusively THE ARTIST COMMUNITY that has made headlines and TV news locally and around the world. The WAV is a national & international community with 77 artists from 21 different countries.  The WAV (Working Artists Ventura) is enhanced by a beautiful Theater Gallery in the central plaza with the outdoor amphitheater.    >>>Virtual Tour Theatre Gallery & Amphitheatre    We are a non- profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization ...accepting contributions from the community, fans, and our supporters.   

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Meet Our Board Of Directors

David Elliott Board Member  David Elliot- Chief Financial Officer: Oversees our non- profit’s financial reports. He is hands- on at most of our fund raising events before & after the show. He has been with Music And Art For Youth since the conception in 2009. David is an associate church pastor in the local community. Honesty & integrity are his method of financial operation.

Carla Boykin Board Member   Carla Boykin- Secretary Of The Board Of Directors:  has been with our organization from the beginning in 2009. She is an all- out volunteer in many different areas. She handles tickets & donation and supplies and approves our board meeting minutes with her authoritative signature. She loves helping the next younger generation. 

Matt Glass Board Member   Matt Glass- Board Member: is our engineering skilled board member that makes decisions from an outstanding point of view. He is hands- on at all our events as an on- site assistant manager. He is usually found stage side where all the action is. He is a certified cameraman for over six years for our organization’s TV shows and interviews of kids & artists alike. He is dedicated & committed in every aspect of the operations, wherever needed.

Jim Beam Board Member   Jim Beam- Board Member: is a motivated board member for instant involvement. Besides a Starbucks' lover, his background is in planning & budgets with his regular employer, a U.S. government contractor in Goleta, California for the last 15 years. He is steady, committed, and dependable choice for our organization. He has been involved with Music And Art For Youth non- profit for two years prior to being elected as a board member. His gift of logic helps guide our organization through success for many years to come. He lives in, and loves the City Of Ventura.




Saint Pierre Amphitheater Seabridge

Saint Pierre: Director & Chairman Of The Board: is a community volunteer. His life is dedicated to helping the next generation of young & gifted needy kids to become skilled, professional visual artists & performing artists. With a diverse array of experience in event planning, music, performance, production, and business organization skills. Within the scope of the non- profit, he coordinates TV shows, Top Best Bands List, Fund Raising events, Fund Raising Day Trips for donors, and administrates everyday business operations, and web site design.

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